Tearing down barriers. building up people.

Housing Collaborative is more than just an information gateway to affordable housing.

We live to uplift, so every day, we collaborate with different people, groups and organizations to increase access to housing. By providing flexible, responsive support, we are able to tailor our resources to meet the specific needs of our partners and clients.

Our Core Beliefs:

With the right information, the way forward becomes clear. Access to information leads to access to life, and everyone deserves to know what’s available to them.

At Housing Collaborative, we believe in second chances, and we understand that everything begins and ends with home.

Our Mission:

We make affordable housing easier to navigate.

Our Vision:

We strive to create a world where everyone can see a path home.

A brief history of Housing Collaborative.

Housing Collaborative was founded in 1999, originally known as Socialserve, where a small handful of staff diligently support a variety of social services. Over the past two decades, we shifted our focus to exclusively work within the affordable housing sector, using our call center and other resources to provide personalized support for the diverse array of housing initiatives emerging across the country.

A commitment to second chances.

As Housing Collaborative grew into what it is today, we witnessed the barriers that not only kept people from finding affordable housing, but also kept them from moving forward in life. So we decided to do something about it by committing ourselves to second-chance employment.

Many of our employees have previously experienced barriers to employment such as incarceration, addiction, and/or housing crises. Instead of turning them away, we embrace their potential. Through intensive training and support, our team members gain transferable customer service, sales and data management experience. Today, these employees use their journey to help others.

Our goal is to use what we’ve learned about second-chance employment to encourage other employers to provide the same opportunities. Our success stories are a roadmap to better futures for so many other people who just need a chance to demonstrate their potential.

Looking ahead: Insightful help from those who’ve overcome their own barriers.

Housing Collaborative is dedicated to fostering economic mobility within our own ranks. We’re committed to the development of an internal workforce development program that will expand our employees’ earning potential. We firmly believe the best help and guidance comes from people who have found themselves in similar, difficult situations.

Our employees’ success helps ensure the success of others, and we’re proud to support them in a variety of ways, from second chance employment to special loan programs. In fact, our internal, revolving loan program has provided more than 250 employee loans, along with budget counseling, to staff facing personal, economic crises.

Our Leadership Team

Housing Collaborative’s Leadership Team has over 150 years of combined housing experience.

Tara Peele

President & CEO

Nicole Dewitt

Chief Program Officer

Teresa Robbins

Housing Relationship Manager

Charlene Elliott

Director of State Housing Programs

Jamien Harvey

Director of Community Partnerships

Leslie Santos

Director of Compliance

Nakia Eason

Statewide Housing Placement Manager

Britany Cunningham

Housing Placement Manager

Brittany Kennedy

Housing Recruitment Manager

Kat Fowler

Outreach Manager

Indira Cosio

Chief Administrative Officer

Daryl Smith

Operations Manager

Ashley Tidwell

Housing Placement Manager

Nicole Mallory

NOAH Program Manager

Our Board

Housing Collaborative’s Board of Directors are engaged members of the community we serve, who use their diverse skillsets and experiences to guide the organization.

Erin Barbee - Chair

Chief Strategy Officer, DreamKey Partners

Mark Ethridge - Secretary

Partner, Ascent Real Estate Capital

Tashika McKnight

Community Volunteer

LaShonda Hart

Program Manager, Affordable Housing Initiatives, Mecklenburg County

Kim Graham

Executive Director, Greater Charlotte Apartment Association

Ivan Diaz-Campos - Vice Chair

Independent Advisor

Miriam Espaillat

Director of Community Engagement & Development, Raydal Hospitality, LLC

Alassane Diouf

SVP and Sr. Lead Compliance Officer, Wells Fargo

Nicola Grant

Director of Operations at Red Hill Ventures, LLC

Lakisha Jones

Associate General Counsel & Senior Vice President of Consumer Banking, BOA

Bill Bolstad - Treasurer

Executive Director, Mosaic Development Group

Courtney Lundquist

Regional Vice President, S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.

Christina Metheney

Director of Property & Asset Management, Wesley Community Development

Jay Potter

Community Volunteer & Retired Dean, CPCC