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In order to eliminate financial barriers to housing and drive positive outcomes for tenants, Housing Collaborative relies on outside resources that enable us to pay for upfront housing costs such as eviction debts, utility arrears, application fees and security deposits, as well as offer incentive and retention payments to housing providers.

Not only does this financial assistance bolster the success rate of our housing placement work, it also helps us bring on new housing provider partners through signing bonuses (new leases) or stability bonuses. These bonuses compensate property providers for the administrative burden — and perceived risk — of working with rental subsidies and tenants with more complex backgrounds. In 2021, these Housing Access and Landlord Retention Funds proved to be key in our successful housing of 321 formerly homeless households.

How you can collaborate with us.

From large grants to private donations, your help in generating flexible funds can go a long way toward helping Housing Collaborative remove financial barriers to housing. With just $100,000, Housing Collaborative can help 50 or more households access or retain housing. It is also important to note that no donated funds are ever used for our own staffing, operational or administrative purposes — 100 percent of all donated funds are used specifically for tenants’ financial assistance or landlord incentives. Your contributions will only ever help families access or retain housing, so please consider donating today.

Your donation can do so much for people experiencing homelessness and difficulty in finding housing. To give what you can, please click the link below.

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Housing Collaborative and DreamKey Partners:

a $61M dollar success story

In 2021 Alone, We Coadministered


in rent, utility and hotel assistance


households retained housing as a result

Delivering Deposits In The Queen City:

The City of Charlotte-funded Deposit-Assistance program

In 2021, We Provided Security Deposits and First Month's Rent For




Going the extra mile

In 2021, We Secured Rental Housing For


homeless households

Uncovering Information:

The power of professional surveys

In 2021, We Initiated


statewide housing programs

And Completed



Housing Inspections:

The diligence of our Housing Engagement Team

In 2021, We coordinated


rental housing inspections