Comprehensive housing services delivered by professional housing navigators.

Housing Collaborative’s services support, improve and simplify housing initiatives.

Housing Collaborative is dedicated to exploring all avenues that ease the way people access and retain affordable housing . Our professional team members are ready to help gather and provide housing placement assistance, recruit property providers to partner with housing programs, administer housing-related financial assistance, coordinate housing inspections, and more. Established in 1999, Housing Collaborative’s expert staff expedites housing placement and streamlines the experience of working with housing assistance programs.

We believe the human element of our service is particularly important.

Our nonprofit housing services center is staffed by engaged, motivated experts who have often experienced barriers to housing themselves, and they excel at what they do because of it. They provide more than just rental housing placement assistance — they also recruit housing provider partners, assist with accessing housing-related financial resources, and more.

Affordable housing can be difficult to locate and navigate, and there’s a significant benefit to having support from a caring professional who is looking out for your wellbeing and future mobility.

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Housing Placement

Information about housing, especially affordable housing, can be highly confusing, and it can change quickly. Housing Collaborative assists with housing placement in many ways, including:

  • Tailoring housing location assistance for households displaced by buyouts or conversions of apartment communities
  • Conducting intensive housing location assistance for households displaced by natural disaster
  • Generating on-demand housing placement reports for funders
  • Administering housing-related financial assistance
  • Recruiting willing housing provider partners

Housing Fund Administration

Housing Collaborative can help distribute housing resources where they are needed quickly while adhering to funder requirements, including:

  • Creating online applications for housing resources
  • Managing the application process
  • Administering unit-related payments ensuring that all payments meet policy and grant requirements while managing multiple funding sources
  • Maintain a system of records to retain payment documentation
  • Assisting with reports to funders

Inspection Coordination

Housing Collaborative can do so much more than provide information about affordable housing. We can manage the inspection process as well, ensuring that housing options meet and exceed livability requirements before they move in. We can:

  • Coordinate the property inspection process from start to finish, including scheduling and updating key parties with inspection outcomes
  • Verify property ownership and conducting debarment and rent reasonableness checks
  • Facilitate payment of inspectors


Hotlines can be a valuable tool to quickly relay information to a large number of people for short- or long-term applications. Housing Collaborative can stand up a hotline to:

  • Help people apply for financial assistance
  • Share information about location-specific housing needs
  • Gather complaints or work orders — from property providers or residents
  • Refer people to the appropriate resources based on their needs
  • Provide custom scripts and reports

Housing Data Collection

Successful affordable housing assistance requires more than just knowledge of programs and housing availability — you need resident feedback, data on housing costs and availability, knowledge of housing trends and so much more. Housing Collaborative can:

  • Collect key housing data and feedback from housing providers
  • Collecting and sharing real-time feedback with program staff to support tenancy retention
  • Generate custom reports through survey responses and knowledge of housing trends
  • Quickly deliver information regarding impending vacancies to facilitate rapid housing referrals