Home is the way forward.

Building Yourself Up Starts At Home.

Formerly known as Socialserve when it was founded in 1999, Housing Collaborative has shifted its focus over the years to provide a wide range of housing services. On any given day, you can find us successfully placing people into rental housing, streamlining the housing placement process for rental housing providers, helping agencies administer housing programs, and more. Housing Collaborative is proud to be a flexible partner who can help you achieve your housing goals.

Eliminating Barriers To Employment.

Housing Collaborative doesn’t believe the mistakes of the past should impede future success, which is why we are committed to second chances. Many of our dedicated team members have experienced barriers to housing and employment like justice system involvement, homelessness or domestic violence. Instead of turning them away, we give them the training and support they need to become valued members of our organization who help others move forward in life.

Making An Impact In Our Home State.

Housing Collaborative cultivates relationships with housing providers willing to offer opportunities to people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity throughout North Carolina. We help ease the burden for housing providers when it comes to navigating housing programs and accessing support for tenants.