Affordable housing and what you can do to help.

Affordable housing and what you can do to help

Our country has faced many challenges over the past few years – increased living costs and housing rates have greatly affected an already tested population. More and more people are being displaced due to big businesses buying properties and implementing higher rents – while also reducing housing stock for potential homeowners.

Affordable housing often seems elusive and difficult to change or support, especially at an individual level. At Housing Collaborative we are making it easier for YOU to make an impact on this housing crisis. Through our landlord relationship management work, we offer individualized support for property providers of all levels.


Here’s what we have learned by working with housing providers:

  1. A dedicated point-of-contact for issues related to program-connected tenants is highly desired
  2. Hands-on assistance during lease-up makes working with subsidy programs easier
  3. Minimizing vacancies and payment delays through quick payments and inspections is critical


As a landlord, a partnership with Housing Collaborative means:

  • Open Communication
    Having a middleman to minimize risk and disruption to property operations, and to stay in communication with services providers.

    • I think the organization goes beyond the call of duty in terms of helping individuals…they take a personal interest in the client. Anybody has an opportunity to make a mistake. My thing is you should always give individuals a second chance.
      Randy Freeman, Freeman Enterprises
  • Placement Support
    Keeping a steady stream of income with our tenant placement services. We supply your empty rentals with vetted tenants. Our online Housing Accelerator tool allows you to check the status of inspections and payments in real-time.
  • Management Assistance
    We work with agencies to secure monetary support guaranteeing payments and rental subsidies are accurate and timely. We coordinate inspections and touch base with you at least monthly to help resolve tenancy concerns.

    • The Housing Collaborative has been wonderful. Since working with them, we’ve been able to fill vacancies with high-quality tenants.
      Michael Morings, Dynasty Property Management


Becoming our partner can make a giant impact on someone’s path forward. Contact to learn how you can support our work as we try to turn the housing crisis around.

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